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»How to Apply Stick on Body Jewel

How to use:
This decorative skin jewelry for belly, arm, face, nails & body are self sticking.


  1. Determine a good spot on your body (belly, arm, face, nails & body) to place the tattoo based on the tattoo's size, design and or purpose.
  2. Clean that area thoroughly with soap and water (or alcohol), and dry off. It is quite important the application area be absolutely clean, non greasy & air dry !!
  3. Carefully peel off the the Stick on body tattoos (sticker, crystal tattoo or glitter tattoo) from the backing and press firmly against skin. Gently hold after applying for a few seconds.
  4. You can choose to follow the design purchased, or create your own by using different tattoos together.
  5. The adhesive used has been specifically developed for the temporary application on human skin & is non Toxic.
  6. The adhesive used has been specifically developed for the temporary application on human skin & is non Toxic.
  7. To remove the tattoo, gently peel off.
  8. If you use any body lotions or creams, do not apply them to the tattoos, as it may come off by mistake.

How To Re Use :
These stick on tattoos can be reused easily, to store, return the stick on body jewel to the backing sheet. If Self-Adhesive wears off, you can clean the back with an alcohol swab and use any non-toxic glue. We recommend purchasing our non toxic tattoos adhesive (Its the same kind of adhesive used to put on false eyelashes), spirit gum or bindi glue.

  1. Avoid using on sensitive & allergic skin.
  2. CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts not for children under 3 years
If you have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us

Temporary tattoo, beads, belly button ring body art design. This sizzling tattoo is handcrafted from excellent quality crystals, in an artistic belly belt , studded with crystals/stones, stones and glitters to produce a beautiful design. Go wild Embellish yourself with this bewitching designer body tattoo or use them in combination with others which will entice the beholder. Add a fascination to your personality with these enchanting body tattoos that will modify your persona These self adhesive body jewels will dress you up complementing your clothes. Tattoo is art on your body. Every one has a tattoo these days. Express your eternal desire and bring beauty into every day life. You have choice to select different design for every mood and every occasion. Select your preference before someone takes away these single piece designs

Decorative tattoo stickers, ladies tattoo stickers,

Whatever the art form we can create a long lasting and safe tattoo/sticker. Products can be purchased on rolls, sheets or retail packaged in either generic shapes or specifically die cut.

Your home for self expression, custom stickers and personalized gifts ! specializes in small orders of custom stickers , dog tags, key chains, temporary tattoos, magnets and many other customizable gifts. We cater to self expression and help to preserve your freedom of speech. Customize your own personalized products for FREE and buy them for very little.

We live by the philosophy that if you can think it you can stick it. This state of mind comes from the endless possibilities that customers have on our website and design tool. If you have been asking, "where can I create my own custom stickers" then you have come to the right place. Your imagination is truly the only thing that will hold you back because you can add your own text, graphics and images to most of our products.

These gorgeous nail art stickers are a perfect way to glam up your nails!

Design your own custom temporary tattoos
  1. 18 unique colors
  2. order 1,000 to 10,000
  3. Prices start at 0.20¢ each (depending on qty. & design)
  4. Design it yourself for FREE and only purchase if you like your creation.
  5. Lasts up to 3+ days - (depending on use and skin type)
  6. Great for sporting events, personalized gifts or promoting your own small business, website or blog.
  7. Swarovski Crystal Tattoos, Rhinestone Body Jewel Tattoos,Vajazzle Crystals and Body Glitter
Crystal tattoos can add a little bit (or alot) of bling to your body. Crystal tattoos are a kind of temporary tattoo that is more a jewelry accessory

than an actual tattoo. With normal temporary tattoos you need to clean your skin, wet the area and apply the tattoo and wait a few moments prior to pulling away the backing. What's left is a design that will crack, peel and wash away in a matter of a couple of ours. Crystal tattoos, unlike temporary tattoos, are crystals that are embedded on a sticker sheet and arranged in a pattern that you place directly to the skin and will stay put for several days.

The great thing about these tattoos is that they can be put any place on the body. The final decision is up to you though. The point of these tattoos is for them to be seen and admired and to draw attention to the wearer. Think about what you will be wearing before placing crystal tattoos on your body. The size of the tattoo also dictates proper placement. Smaller tattoos can easily be placed on the face but larger sizes can find their way on other parts of the body including :
  • Shoulder blades
  • Arm
  • Chest
  • Buttocks
  • Thigh
  • Belly button
Certain tattoo designs are made to be placed in certain areas of the body and the belly button is one such crystal tattoo.

Styles of Tattoos Available
There are many designs of tattoos available. These designs can also come in various sizes so you can place them wherever you like. The only standardization for these types of tattoos is the ones made for belly buttons. These styles are circular in nature and the only difference is in the amount of crystals and the size of the design.

Tattoos made from crystals come in various styles and colors and can include :
  • Hearts
  • Diamonds
  • Skull and crossbones
  • Kissing lips
  • Shooting stars
  • Stars
  • Animals of various kinds from tigers and lions to bears and birds
  • Butterflies
  • Lady bugs
  • Spraying fountains
  • Names and other words
  • Angels
  • and many more…
Crystal tattoo are the fastest & easiest way to accessorize your body. Choose from a variety of crystal tattoos available in our stores. Click Shop Now at the bottom of the page for online orders. Crystal tattoos for the eyes, cheeks, nipples, arm bands, navel and many more. You'll find all these crystal tattoos at the Raun Harman fashion jewelry store.

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Nail Jewel stickers are the instant method of creating sparkly nails! Just peel of backing paper, apply to nail and seal with top coat. These gorgeous nail art stickers are a perfect way to glam up your nails!

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Note :- If you don't see something in our catalogue, which you think would be a popular addition to our range, please, feel free to suggest it to us we can produce custom designs for a reasonably competitive price.

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